Affiliate Retail Electricity Supplier (Affiliate RES) A subsidiary of a generation company or distribution utility that provides retail electricity supply service.

Central Registration Body An entity that manages the business-to-business (B2B) system, which is a central hub that ensures timely and efficient exchange of data among competitive retail market players.

Connection Service A regulated service provided by the distribution utility to an end-user for the latter to be connected to the distribution system.

Contestable Market Electricity end-users who have a choice of a supplier of electricity, as may be determined by the Energy Regulatory Commission in accordance with the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 (EPIRA).

Cooling-Off Period The period of five (5) business days, or a longer period agreed upon by both parties, commencing from the signing of the Retail Supply Contract, within which said Customer has the right to cancel the Retail Supply Contract it has entered into with the RES or the Local RES.

Customer Authorization Written consent from a Customer allowing a new RES or Local RES to obtain Customer information from the Central Registration Body.

Disclosure Statement Document outlining information to be included the terms and conditions of the Retail Supply Contract between RES or Local RES and Customer. Click here to see the details of the Disclosure Statement.

Distribution Utility (DU) Any electric cooperative, private corporation, government-owned utility or existing government local unit which has an exclusive franchise to operate a distribution system in accordance with Republic Act 9136.

Distribution Wheeling Service A regulated service provided by a distribution utility for the conveyance of power throughout its distribution system to meet the demand of end-users.

Early Termination Fee A fee charged by a RES or Local RES to its Customer when the latter cancels its Retail Supply Contract with the former before the expiration date of said contract. Such fee shall be included in the Disclosure Statement and the Retail Supply Contract.

Local Retail Electricity Supplier (Local RES) The non-regulated business segment of the distribution utility catering to the Contestable Market in its franchise area. As such, a license is not required.

Market Operator (MO) The entity responsible for the operation of the wholesale electricity spot market (WESM).

Metering Service A service currently provided by the distribution utility for the provision of metering facilities, meter reading and data dissemination service. It is currently regulated by the ERC until such time that competitive metering services may be approved by ERC.

Retail Electricity Supplier (RES) Any person or entity licensed by the ERC to sell, broker, market or aggregate electricity to end-users in the Contestable Market. A RES refers to either an Affiliate RES or any independent RES licensed by the ERC.

Retail Supply Contract (RSC) The contract for the sale of electricity entered into by and between the RES or the Local RES and the Customer.

System Operator (SO) The party responsible for generation dispatch, the provision of ancillary services, and operation and control to ensure safety, power quality, stability, reliability and security of the transmission system (grid).