RCOA commenced on 26 June 2013. With RCOA, end-users with a monthly average peak demand of at least 500kW, which qualified as contestable customers, are allowed to choose their own supplier of electricity.

RCOA aims for a robust competition among stakeholders in the Competitive Retail Electricity Market (CREM). As the rates between the Retail Electricity Suppliers and the contestable customers are not subject to the regulation of the government, in the long run, RCOA sees lowering in the electricity rates and improved service from suppliers. To date, the CREM has continuously shown stronger competition amongst suppliers based on the number of participants and the activities recorded therein.

Hence, with RCOA, contestable customers in the CREM are empowered with a choice. Suppliers and buyers interrelate under agreed terms to fulfill each others' necessities. Competition has been introduced to replace monopoly for qualified customers in the electric power industry. The power to choose is now within the contestable customers' reach. Thus, the ERC encourages all stakeholders to participate in this scheme and eventually realize the benefits awaiting them.

Choose. Negotiate. Contract. Switch.