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I. Consumer Choice

  1. Who has choice
  2. What are the options
  3. Compare Offers
  4. How to switch
  5. Consumer Rights
  6. Electricity Bill

II. Retail Competition Rules

  1. RES Licensing
  2. Code of Conduct
  3. Rules on Customer Switching
  4. Rules for the Supplier of Last Resort
  5. Rules on Rate Filing by the SOLR
  6. Competition Rules
  7. Business Separation Guidelines
  8. Distribution Services and Open Access Rules (to post the amended rules)

III. Market Participants’ Obligations

  1. Contestable Customers
  2. RES/Local RES
  3. Distribution Utilities
  4. Supplier of Last Resort (SOLR)
  5. Central Registration Body

IV. Supplier of Last Resort (SOLR)

  1. What is a SOLR
  2. Who can be the SOLR
  3. Procedures for availing of SOLR service
  4. What is the SOLR Rate
  5. Term of SOLR Service

V. Customers’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

VI. Home

VII. Glossary

VIII. Links

IX. Terms of Use

X. Disclaimer

XI. Contact Us