E. Consumer rights

1. Right to be accorded prompt and non-discriminatory service by the Distribution Utility (DU)

You shall be receiving distribution wheeling, connection and metering services from your DU regardless of your choice of Retail Electricity Supplier (RES). Such services shall be provided to you in a non-discriminatory manner.

2. Right to choose a RES

You have the right to choose your preferred RES once you have been certified as a contestable customer. Once you have switched to a RES, you may transfer to another RES anytime as long as your contract with your RES allows for it and all your obligations have been settled.

3. Right to seek RES identification

When approached or contacted by a RES, you have the right to seek a RES identification to verify the legitimacy of its operations and validity of its license.

4. Right to obtain a Disclosure Statement

When a RES offers you a deal, it should provide you with a Disclosure Statement. It contains all details of the RES’ offer, including applicable fees and charges, promos and other value added services. Whatever is written in the Disclosure Statement will eventually form part of the Retail Supply Contract (RSC), therefore it is incumbent upon you to read and understand the Disclosure Statement, and clarify all details with the RES.

5. Right to review the RES’ offer thoroughly

You should not be pressured or coerced to sign a contract. You should be given sufficient time to go over the documents and promotional materials provided by the RES before deciding to sign up or not.

6. Right to obtain a copy of the RSC

You should keep custody of the original copy of your Certificate of Contestability. In case your RES asks for a copy, you may give them a copy but the original should remain with you.

7. Right to a Cooling-Off Period

You have the right to cancel your RSC within five (5) days upon its signing, without paying any early termination charges.

8. Right to be protected from unauthorized switching

You cannot be switched to another RES without your permission. Such practice is called “slamming”. If you believe you have been “slammed”, you should inform the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) immediately for proper investigation.

9. Right to a transparent and concise billing

You cannot be billed for services that are not included in the RSC. Such practice is called “cramming”. Any indications of cramming should be reported to the ERC immediately for proper investigation.

10. Right to be accorded prompt and speedy resolution of complaints

You may file a complaint with the RES regarding problems with its services. If you are not satisfied with the RES’ resolution, you may file a complaint with the ERC.

11. Right to request for account information

You have the right to request for your account information from your RES. Requests for consumption data of the past twelve (12) months, made once in a month, shall be free of charge. Requests for consumption data covering a period of more than twelve (12) months, or for two (2) or more requests made within a month, may be subject to charges by the RES.

12. Right to withhold information

You have the right to request the Central Registration Body to withhold your account information, such that no RES or any other entity may access it.

13. Right to gain information regarding RES offers

You may request a RES to contact you and provide you with information regarding its services. You may also request to meet up with them, or have them email or fax you a copy of their offers.

14. Right to a “No Disturbance Request”

You have the right to request a RES to refrain from initiating any form of marketing contact. The RES shall not contact you until you request it to do so.

15. Right to refuse an offer

You have the right to refuse a RES’ marketing offer, and request the RES to refrain from conducting further marketing advances.