I. Consumer Choice

d. How to switch

Here are the basic steps in switching to a new RES:

  1. Once you have discussed your options with the RES, it should provide you with a copy of the Disclosure Statement. It contains the details of the RES’ offer, including the charges, fees and deposits to be paid, and the terms and conditions that will make up the Retail Supply Contract (RSC).
  2. Make sure that all verbal offers are also written in the Disclosure Statement. Clarify any confusing phrases. Review the Disclosure Statement and finalize its contents before signing the RSC. If it will take you more than five (5) days before deciding to finalize and sign the RSC, contact your RES and clarify whether there will be changes in the offers after five (5) days. Some details might change due to the dynamic nature of the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market.
  3. After reviewing the contents of the Disclosure Statement, you and your RES are ready to sign an RSC. Read the RSC thoroughly, and make sure it is consistent with what was agreed upon in the Disclosure Statement. After signing the RSC, the new RES should give you a copy for your own records.
  4. Once an RSC is signed, you have a Cooling-Off Period of five (5) days, within which you may still cancel your RSC without paying any early termination charges.
  5. After the Cooling-Off Period has expired, your potential new RES will switch you from your previous RES to itself, following the switching procedures. You should receive a notification from the potential new RES whether your switch request was accepted or rejected.
  6. In case your switch request was rejected, clarify with your potential new RES the reasons for rejection. If additional requirements are needed, complete the same, after which, your potential new RES needs to submit a new switch request.
  7. If your switch request is accepted, the notice will indicate the effective date of switch. You will be receiving a final bill from your previous RES.
  8. On the next billing cycle, you will start receiving a bill from your new RES.

Components of your bill