ERC Conducts Retail Competition and Open Access Seminar for NEA Officials

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) conducted a seminar on Retail Competition and Open Access for National Electrification Administration (NEA) officials, managers and supervisors last January 25, 2007 at the NEA Auditorium.

The activity is an offshoot of the seminar conducted by the ERC last November 2006 entitled Retail Competition Readiness Seminar for Electric Cooperatives (ECs) in Luzon. Some NEA official headed by Administrator Edita S. Bueno also participated in said seminar and recognized the need to replicate this to all NEA officials.

The seminar aimed to enhance the participants’ understanding of the concept of Retail Competition and Open Access, and the relevant ERC-promulgated rules in order for NEA to more effectively fulfill its mandate of preparing ECs to operate and compete under the deregulated electricity market, specifically in an environment of open access and retail wheeling.

NEA Administrator Bueno warmly welcomed the ERC representatives and encouraged the participants to take advantage of this learning opportunity. Also present were Deputy Administrator for Electric Distribution Utilities Services Pablo M. Pan III, Deputy Administrator for Fields Operations Group Edilberto I. Bassig, and Deputy Administrator for Corporate Resources and Financial Services Mariano T. Cuenco.

A pre-seminar test was given to the participants to ascertain their level of understanding of retail competition and open access. In general, the participants’ awareness and understanding level improved which was manifested by their performance in the post activity test.

ERC and NEA look forward to working hand in hand in helping ECs prepare for the competitive environment which is geared towards the benefit of all consumers.

February 14, 2007