III. Market Participants Obligations

a. Consumer / End-user

1. Obligation to exercise the right to choose

You should exercise your right to choose your preferred Retail Electricity Supplier (RES) at least thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of retail competition and open access to avoid being served by the Supplier of Last Resort. Similarly, once retail competition has started, you are responsible for maintaining a good business relationship with your RES, and if you decide to switch to a new RES, you should meet the terms of the Retail Supply Contract (RSC) before switching.

2. Obligation to provide a Customer Authorization

You are responsible for providing Customer Authorization to prospective RES, allowing them to access your account information for the purpose of providing you with an offer that addresses your specific electricity needs.

3. Obligation to observe the terms of contracts with RES and Distribution Utility (DU)

You shall comply with the terms and conditions of the RSC and the Distribution Wheeling Service (DWS) agreement, if applicable.

4. Obligation to review the Disclosure Statement

You should review the details of the Disclosure Statement, and clarify any issues with the RES. Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the RES offer before you decide to make a deal.

5. Obligation to read the Retail Supply Contract (RSC) before signing

You should read the RSC thoroughly, and make sure it is consistent with the details of the Disclosure Statement that you earlier agreed on.

6. Obligation to contact and update your RES

You should contact your RES for any changes in your account information (e.g., Change in contact information). You should also contact your RES for any concerns regarding your Retail Supply Contract (e.g., Changes in some of the terms and conditions, early termination of contract, clarifications regarding the terms and conditions, etc.). Also report any significant changes in your demand requirement, as this may affect some provisions of the RSC and the DWS Agreement.

7. Obligation to pay

You shall pay all amounts legitimately billed by the RES and/or DU (if dual billing). If you have an outstanding balance with the RES or DU, you are not allowed to avail of Supplier of Last Resort (SOLR) service, and you are also barred from switching to a new RES. Non-payment will result in disconnection of your electricity service.

8. Obligation to meet Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) requirements, if applicable

If you wish to transact directly with the WESM, you should satisfy all technical and prudential requirements of the WESM.

9. Obligation to notify the SOLR

Should a Last Resort Supply event occur and you do not wish to avail of the SOLR service, you should inform the SOLR of your decision. Otherwise, your electricity supply will be terminated and will not be reconnected until you contract with another RES.