III. Market Participants Obligations

e. The Central Registration Body (CRB)

The Central Registration Body is an entity that manages the Business-to-Business (B2B) System, which is the central hub that ensures timely and efficient exchange of data among competitive retail market players.

1. Obligation to provide information to authorized entities

The CRB shall provide customer information to RES that has a valid Customer Authorization.

2. Obligation to administer switching

The CRB shall process switch requests, and notify concerned market players on the progress of the switching process.

3. Obligation to notify market players of a Last Resort Supply Event

The CRB shall immediately notify all concerned market participants once a Last Resort Supply Event is discovered. It shall then provide the SOLR with information, as provided in the SOLR Guidelines.

4. Obligation to maintain and grant access to meter reading data

The CRB shall receive, store and upload in the B2B system, all meter reading data in a timely and effective manner, following the procedures set by ERC. It shall ensure that the quality of data is maintained. It shall also manage retail participants’ registration to the B2B system, to make sure only authorized entities are able to access the meter reading data.