Name of RES: Citicore Energy Solutions, Inc.
Business Address: 9/F, 45 San Miguel Bldg., San Miguel Ave., Pasig City
Regulatory Compliance Officer: Marie Arcie Anne M. Sercado
Telephone numbers: 470-8939

Email address: [email protected]

Average Price (PhP/kWh)
as of 2nd Quarter of 2021



NOTE: The average prices shown here are gathered from the Quarterly Report provided by each licensed RES to ERC. The average prices for each RES are based on the monthly energy sales over the total energy sold (PhP/ kWh) for the total customers. Should you wish to confirm the actual rates and terms of service of a RES, you are advised to contact such RES directly. Please contact each specific RES directly to confirm its most current rates and terms of service before you choose.

The ERC, however, makes no warranty that the electric prices in this table are currently being offered. All Retail Electricity Suppliers listed here are certified by the ERC.